What is #RealTalk? Our Motto Explained

At Plaeto, we’re firm believers in authentic expression. 

That’s why we’ve developed a platform geared toward genuine and constructive conversation, without interference. That means no forced content, canceling, data manipulation, or algorithms choosing what the user gets to see. We’re building a social media environment where anyone can be their authentic selves. 

We believe in empowering every voice on our platform, in an effort to reduce the socially-geared biases and echo chambers traditional social media often provides. We’ve seen the harm created by divisive rhetoric and thought-policing. We know you’ve seen it too.

We’re pledging to offer an experience without groupthink-imposed outrage. Without overreaction culture at the forefront. Without a pitchfork in one hand and a phone in the other. People shouldn’t fear saying what they’re thinking.

In a word? 

We’re bringing back #RealTalk. 

How We’re Implementing #RealTalk

We’ve put together an array of features fit for the #RealTalk movement: including the Streams, Tabs, and Connect Pages. 


The Stream page is where your #RealTalk experience begins. It’s where you’ll see all the new posts created by people you follow – not just what an algorithm allows. 

We created the Stream Page to take the complication and chaos out of your feed. Instead of spending time wading through the fake to get to the real, we give you what you want to engage with. That’s #RealTalk.


Say goodbye to the endless scroll purgatory! Tabs are a fully private and customizable part of your Stream page that breaks down your chosen interests into digestible pieces. 

We know social media can be overwhelming when confronted with walls of content. Tabs allows users to add and subtract custom content based on their own preferences, and at no point will Plaeto include any content that is not requested by the user. 


Our Connect Page offers users the opportunity to engage in respectful debates and see the world from brand new perspectives, all in one place. Instead of guessing what you might want to see based on one like or search, we populate content from your Tabs and confirmed interests to bring you the most fulfilling, real experience you’ll ever find online. 

Plus, by allowing you to discover content from anyone on Plaeto with the ability to see their point of view with the swipe of a finger, we’re fighting back against the vicious cycle of bias that creates the divisiveness, disdain, and distrust we see online so often.

What #RealTalk Is, According to our Users

Our user base is a demographically-varied group with one common sentiment: it’s time to take social media back from the clutches of where it is today. 

Users deserve a voice, and they’ve got visions of what a better digital life is. Here’s what a #RealTalk platform looks like to them:

“I would love to see people’s differences of opinion without persecution.”

– Mando

“I would [want to see] a positive community that spreads love and positivity, not hate and negativity.”

– Christa

“A lot less cancel culture/hatred.” 

– Isabella

“[My social media] would be a place of positivity where people can be themselves and not have to worry about being socially attacked.”

– Eden

From joking around to having poignant discussions, Plaeto gives you the platform to be you. 

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