We Asked People What Their Perfect Platform Looks Like. Here’s What They Said.

The perfect platform?

It definitely sounds too good to be true. 

But if users had their wish, what would that look like? 

We asked our waitlisters to envision their perfect digital life. Here’s what they said.

What Users Want: The Talking Points

“People would not be completely shrieking insane.”

– Amy

On Positivity

Raise your hand if you’ve seen something on social media in the last week that has you agreeing with Amy.

The insanity prevalent on social media isn’t a mistake. It’s bred through invasive algorithms, echo chambers, and manufactured outrage. The few create a reality that seems surreal; and somehow, it seeps into the real world like rain water into a sewer.

You’re not alone in yearning for authenticity and positivity. Our platform provides a space for free and honest expression, while at the same time maintaining an uplifting and – yes – sane environment. 

It’s a balance people need.

On Viewpoints 

Social media should be…

“A place where people could gather to share life, ideas, [and] information without constantly battling.”

– Jennifer

The horseshoe theory states that two opposite ends of a spectrum actually closely resemble each other, instead of being vastly different.

On social media, extremists on both ends of the political and social spectrum strive for the exact same silencing, black-and-white thinking, and trolling that their counterparts do. Their views may be different, but their methodology is not. 

On the internet, it seems everyone is on one side of the other. But what about the people in the middle, or the people with an opinion rather than a pitchfork in their hand 24/7?

For us, the place to go is Plaeto – where real conversation is encouraged, and insanity is a thing of the past. 

On Outrage Culture

Social media should be…

“A safe environment where people can go to express themselves and support others [without fear of attack].”

– Nicole

When nuance disappears, so does the ability to see people as humans. And when that happens, overreaction and witch-hunting slides into the internet like a hot knife into butter.

Unfortunately, this reality allows the faux-outraged and self-righteous the opportunity to inflict pain on the personal and professional lives of the victims they choose. The problem is, they often do this with such a blind rage they fail to see reality and are unable to invoke basic empathy. 

That’s not us — and we think that’s not you either. We are determined to curate a culture of fresh ideas and authentic content, because that’s what social media should be.

On Irrelevant Content

Social media would be better if…

“[I could] see only the things I want to see.”

– Abi

You’ve been through it — you’re scrolling along, doing your thing, and the next thing you know, the wind leaves your sails. Because you’ve seen something you’ve got no interest in being around. 

Psychologically, what happens when we keep seeing things we don’t want? What damage does it do to our worldview to be bombarded with nonsense and nuts? Social media’s addictive qualities leave users in a vicious cycle of see, recoil, see.

Our team takes your health seriously. Our algorithms engage; not destroy. 

A Final Word

Perfection isn’t possible. But changing what we’re seeing today in the digital landscape is. For the millions of social users that just want something different, or sane, we’re pledging to make it happen.