The State of Social

In recent years, the glow of social media has worn off for many. Divisiveness, disdain, and dissension radiate the airwaves.

The facts back it up. An estimated 64% of Americans say social media has a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the U.S. today, according to the Pew Research Center. Just one in ten argue social media has a positive effect. 


At Plaeto, we’re determined to find out—so we asked people across the country what they dislike about social media.

We got a lot back.


“People are afraid to say what they think. They might get doxxed or mobbed. There is no nuance, no thoughtfulness, only sloganeering and crimethink.”

– Amy

“How toxic people can be towards people with different views than them.”

– Lucy

“[Social media] encourages cancel culture. People turn to social media to “expose one another,” in an attempt to turn the entire world against one person because of something they did.”

– Isabella

Indeed, part of the problem with traditional social media is the tendency for certain biases to gain favor, leaving little room for discussion and plenty of room for the silencing of those without the perceived ‘correct’ viewpoint. 

We’re pushing back against echo chambers, hiveminds, and feedback loops, in an effort to finally give you a space to be your authentic self. 

Our goal is to allow for genuine expression — not as a vehicle for negativity, but rather as a place for realistic debate and conversation in the absence of overbearing censorship of credible ideas. 


“All the hate and drama on social media is such a huge turn off…there hasn’t been a single day where someone isn’t arguing with someone else.”

– Vic

“It’s very easy to find negativity about any subject.”

– BL

“The drama and the bullying. People comparing their lives to “perfect” people on the internet.”

– Jessica

Anyone who’s spent a minute on social media can tell you there’s no quicker way to ruin a mood than by hitting the ‘log in’ button. 

It takes a concerted effort for a community and its moderators to promote positive ideologies vs. negative ones — and in a world of anonymity and hiveminds, it’s no easy task to fix that.

We don’t take it lightly. If you’re like us though, it’s a mandatory change. Negativity isn’t healthy; and if that’s the case, social media may well be on its deathbed. 

We’re promoting positivity through genuine exploration and authentic communication. Our Stream and Connect Pages offer the content you want to see in a safe, private, and open environment — no bad vibes required. 

Data Stealing and Advertising

“[I dislike] That my online behavior is tracked and used for marketing/advertising.”

– Albert

“The fact that they are allowed to buy and seek your information with little-to-no consequence.”


“[Social sites] allow a monkey to start advertising and it needs to be more refined.”

– Jacob

Profits over people is the mantra for corporations large and small. Oftentimes, companies track and store your private data to sell to advertisers…or anyone who’ll pay up.

The major problem arises from advertisers in turn showing you what they think you want to see. They’re trying to turn people into a number on a spreadsheet. It shouldn’t work like that. 

That’s where Plaeto is different. Your privacy is our highest priority, and we’ll never show you anything you don’t want to see. Ever.

Our Mission

Social media offers incredible potential. You’re afforded the opportunity to connect with friends and family around the world, learn just about anything, and see more videos of baby elephants falling down than you could ever need. 

So let’s accentuate those positives. Learn, debate, explore — while staying true to privacy, open-mindedness, and positivity. That is #RealTalk. 😌