The Endless Scrolling Conundrum

Algorithms are the social media albatross no one seems to want to fix.

For the 3.96 billion people that use social media daily, their experience is wholly decided by proprietary codes that decide what the user sees, and in what context. 

Often, users will be shown more and more of what they initially click on, leading large groups of people into echo chambers and feedback loops.

That’s not to mention the addiction algorithms can create – endless feeds and Pavlovian-like repetitive interactions create purposeless scrolling that we do for no other reason than because we’re trained to. 

Don’t just take it from us. The inventor of algorithmic infinite scrolling, Aza Raskin, has said that his creation “wastes about 200,000 lives a day.” 

He likens current social feeds to a type of behavioral drug—platforms have perfected ‘the feed’ in such a way to keep us coming back for more, before our brains have a chance to properly process what we’re seeing. 

He’s right. 

Ultimately, algorithms and bottomless scrolling as we know them, give the end user less control and respect than they deserve.

Streams & Tabs

That’s why we’ve created Streams and Tabs. With both, we give the power back to the user.

Plaeto’s Stream page is a reimagined home page; a feed with you in mind. You create it, curate it, and control it. It’s your account, not ours. 

Streams is your Plaeto homebase

Your Stream is as big or small as you make it. Think of it as your canvas! 


Within your Stream page is Tabs, a tool to help you make your feed your own. Section your feed into posts about Travel, Food, Nature, Style – the possibilities are endless! Plus, you’ll see content from all the people you follow. 

Tabs make organization a breeze

We’ve created Tabs using innovative AI that ensures your feed is perfectly yours, because we know how alien social media can be. You’ll never see something you don’t want to. 

The User Experience

Tabs and Streams are part of our overarching goal to create a seamless user experience. Without overbearing behavioral science shaping your feed, authentic exchange and genuine communication come to the forefront. 

Within each Tab, it’s up to you to shape you and your communities’ digital world. You have full access to a command center of your content, your friends’ content, and the content you’ve asked to see. 

Tabs are a totally customizable way to divide your interests into digestible sections. 

In addition to Tabs and Streams, the Connect Page is right at your fingertips – a place to wrap yourself in vibrant conversations and see the world from brand new perspectives. Instead of guessing what you might want to see based on one like or search, we populate content from your Tabs and confirm interests to bring you an experience that feels like home.

Plus, by allowing you to discover content from anyone on Plaeto and see their point of view with the swipe of a finger, we’re fighting back against the vicious cycle of bias that creates the divisiveness, disdain, and distrust we see so often.

Tabs, Streams, and Connect come together to provide you a private and authentic experience that we can’t wait to share with you. Genuine conversation awaits! 

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