The Breaking Point: Here’s Why Some People Have Stopped Using Social Media

Looking in the Mirror

Throughout the pandemic, our digital lives have become magnified. With less time in the real world, social platforms have become a second home for more than ever before. 

It’s caused people to reexamine where their digital lives are at and how it’s affecting them. Are my habits healthy? Am I seeing things I don’t want want see? 

We asked people across the country what they saw in their digital mirror — and what they saw back that they didn’t like. 

Current Events and Politics 

I quit because of:

“Politics! I’ve taken breaks from Facebook because all my feed consisted of was the presidential election, coronavirus, and protests.” 

– Jessica

“Politics, judgment, hatefulness; people being so extreme that it’s just nonsense.”

– Cristoffer

Much like movies and television, social media is ideally a place to leave the hardships of life at the door for a while, or have a constructive debate; but that’s just not the reality. Social media is a prime stomping ground for faux-Activism and slack politics, and the misinformation that comes along with it. 

It leaves people in the middle feeling stranded. Where nuance thrives, traditional social media doesn’t. 

Plaeto looks to take the black and white out of your feed; instead, we show you the full the spectrum, in a package that’s true to life. 

Self Image Problems 

I quit because of…

“How it makes me view myself. [It’s hard] when I’m going through a rough patch and need to focus on myself rather than others.”

– Mitchell

“The immense pressure to put on this grand show that is your life.”

– Brianna

“Insecurity and toxic atmospheres.”

– Lucy

One-upping contests and lifestyle glorification create such a disconnect between people’s expectations and perception of self that it’s no wonder why someone would begin to feel disillusioned. 

What’s ironic is that what’s presented on social media often isn’t reality – whether disguised through framing, misleading information, or both. 

For people like Mitchell, Brianna, and Lucy, they’ve found that the authentic expression is their #1 platform wish. There’s no pressure when you’re just being real. 

Harassment & Hate

I quit because:

“People hide behind a screen and say whatever they want, not thinking about how it could affect someone’s life because they have never been in their shoes.”

– K

“A lot of people use [social media] to bring people down or hurt them. It’s very exhausting to deal with [that].”

– SG

Harassment & hate are nothing new on social media. Reddit’s 2015 ban on several white-supremacy subreddits and /r/fatpeoplehate, and the pushback it received, highlight the massive amount of harassers undoubtedly lurking on your feed. 

The popular answer as to the ‘why’ of hate on the internet is that anonymity breeds negativity; but just as guilty as anonymity are the platforms that almost seem to curate it through destructive chambered algorithms and inconsistent judgment. 

Our mission of genuine expression was born from a need for a space where a user can be themselves, without fear of silencing, harassment, or hate. 

Plaeto’s Pledge

#RealTalk is our motto because we agree changes need to made for social media to reach its potential. 

We’ve built our platform in response to people like you, looking for a new place to call your digital home. 

Stream, connect, debate – in an environment you can love.