#RealTalk Rules #1: Conversation

The Social Paradox

One of the biggest complaints we’ve found about social media, as it stands, is the absence of conversation. 

You may say, how is that possible? People talk every day on social media! 


You’re right, they do. That said, a few things tend to happen: 

  • People retreat into their echo chambers and talk to only those who validate their opinions
  • People ‘expose’ and ‘shame’ undeserving others for their own self-validation, creating a fear of voicing reasonable, understandable questions and comments that don’t adhere to the loudest
  • Algorithms show specific content, diluting and influencing opinions in an unhealthy way

Factors like these don’t make for a realistic conversation space. 

So let’s rephrase the opening:

One of the biggest complaints we’ve found about social media is the lack of genuine conversation. 

How do we take social media there?

That’s what Plaeto is founded on. 

The First Subset of #RealTalk: Conversation!

Real Talk is defined as authentic and open communication without pretenses. 

Real Talk’s first subset is conversation

With one distinct caveat: it should always be human – never robotic.  

We see conversation in three parts: 


At Plaeto, we value taking the time to dive into topics on a deeper-than-surface level.

Traditional social media is broken into such fragmented pieces, it doesn’t often allow for understanding of topics or people past a cursory glance.

It’s also built on emotion and fear-mongering, playing to people’s most vulnerable instincts. 

But we take the long view – exploiting the subconscious isn’t the way to good conversation. Creating a full-scope of understanding is!


Real Talk is also about making a point of asking questions. That’s what conversation is built on! 

At the same time, discussion amongst the masses is usually boiled down into very black-and-white boxes, with no room for nuance or questions. 

But we think most agree that life is the exact opposite: topics are rarely black-and-white, and nuance is everything. If you agree, you’ll like Plaeto. 


We’ve gone through the ‘endless scrolling conundrum.’

It’s real. For many apps, exploring can turn into a vortex of endless thumb-flipping. That can lead to addiction and dependence, and many know it all too well! 

Exploring on social should be vibrant, better your day, and encourage great conversations. That’s Plaeto. 

How? We’ve created sections of our app that leave you satisfied – without a dopamine overdose. 

Our App 

Two popular features of our app are the Tabs and Stream sections. Of course, both contribute to our goal of genuine conversation! 

The Stream Page is where your Plaeto account comes together. It’s where you see your friends’ conversations, where you interact with your community, and it’s what you see upon opening the app. 

Tabs are the next layer. With Tabs, it’s up to you to shape your own unique community. Add and subtract content topics, discover new ideas, and ultimately decide how to best converse with the world. 

Ultimately, we’re fighting back against the vicious cycle of bias that engulfs social media. Because once that’s gone, genuine conversation and #RealTalk come alive. 

A Look Ahead

We use our phones for almost everything – to connect with friends and family, discover new ideas, and even get out of an awkward situation or two. 

But its real power is in connecting people. And with Plaeto, we’re fast-tracking connection straight into the future.

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