An Interview With Plaeto’s CEO, Kemi Levi

Transparency Is Key

Everyone on the Plaeto team is all about being authentic, open, and genuine.

We’re highlighting our crew to give you a bit of insight into our mission, and how Plaeto has come to be – and what it will become. 

We’re starting with Plaeto’s CEO, Kemi Levi!

Tell us about your upbringing? Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Lanesboro, Massachusetts to a missionary family! I was brought up in three parts of the world – South Sudan, Africa, and of course, the United States.

I was taught to appreciate the treasure that is freedom, and through my travels to Africa, I’ve learned first hand what happens when the voices of millions are violently snuffed out.

What inspired you to develop Plaeto?

I wanted to explore creativity in a dense market, and make a dent in the future of social media.

Where does the name Plaeto come from?

Plaeto is based on constructive debate – and who better to represent free thought than the father of modern debate, Plato!

In your own words, can you describe #RealTalk?

#RealTalk is bold. 

As a society, sometimes we don’t know the difference between conversations and debate. I firmly believe that that distinction must be drawn in order for the human race to continue its trek through an increasingly postmodern world. 

I want users from all areas of life to draw that line for themselves and start having real conversations and real debates – aka, Real Talk!

Where do you see Plaeto in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see plaeto unmasking the voices of at least 1 billion people and establishing a new frontier of online connection!

How does the user experience on Plaeto differ from other apps?

At Plaeto, the user experience is the #1 priority. 

I believe it’s unfair for large corporations to spell out what a user wants or needs, and because of that, we have elected to give the user almost 100% control of their own experience.

Instead of content getting thrown at you, you can see what you want to see, exactly when you want to see it – that is our commitment. Your online presence and experience shouldn’t have to be locked in a pre-set cage.

When can we expect a public release?

Right now, we’re still in Beta! We’re working around the clock to flesh things out.

As far as a public release goes, we are confident that in the next few months, Plaeto will be accessible on the Apple app store!

A Final Note

So there you have it! Plaeto is coming soon, and we’re so excited for you to come along on the ride with us. 

We believe in a world of authenticity, genuine expression, and enhanced privacy. Do you agree?

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