Real talk.

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Social media is full of problems.

We’re the solution.

A whole new world of possibilities,
coming Summer 2021.
That’s #RealTalk.

Let's enjoy
social media

and P.S. Plaeto doesn’t steal your data… EVER!

Stay Private

Big brother is everywhere... almost. Unlike other social media sites, we'll never share your individual data. Ever.

Be Real

We want the real you. Our platform confronts divides and encourages authentic expression, allowing you the chance to be yourself.

Connect Freely

Our mission is to give your ideas the freedom they deserve. Post, stream, and learn, without an algorithm guessing what you or your followers want to see.

Put the power
of your image
back in your
pocket. #PlaetoApp

Put the power
of your image
back in your
pocket. #PlaetoApp




So, what is


What’s an app without a few friends? Whoever you follow, see their posts and blasts at a moment’s notice. Plus, discover unique viral content on your personalized Plaeto stream.


Life moves fast. So do these. 24hrs, 281 characters, limitless potential.


The classic. Share ideas, videos, pictures, and more. All your followers will see it - not just the ones an algorithm allows.

...This is

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